“One of North America’s top formula car competition groups goes on-line to better serve racers and vintage car enthusiasts”


Brantford, Ontario – September 6, 2011 – Britain West Motorsport, Canada’s leading Formula Ford competition group, took a step forward into the online world with the launch of their new website www.britainwestmotorsport.com. The classic, yet sleek design is the perfect backdrop to compliment the long history of the company. The site navigation is designed to help customers and clients get the information they need quickly and showcase the rich racing history of Britain West Motorsport. Severing not only the motorsports consumer, but also the business-to-business sector of motor racing, the 35-year-old company needed a look that was contemporary but supported the classic nature of their organization. Use of colour and photography have hit the mark on this important new tool in the Britain West toolbox.

“You can say this long over due for sure. Honestly, we just really never had the time and the expertise to get this done. Hey, we used to specialize in vintage race car stuff so we can be a bit old school,” smiles Britain West Motorsport president David Clubine. “The growth of our Formula Ford racing program is really what got us moving to get it done. We have learned that so much of the research today is web-based and this project brings us right up to today’s standards.”

The broad reach of the Britain West Motorsport program is captured on the site that uses the most current web protocols and coding. Keeping the site up to date and maintaining the content are build-in right into the development the site. Incorporating news and galleries sections keep BWM drivers in forefront as the best example of the company’s commitment to excellence. Future developments will include connecting to social media, linking to industry leading partners and a web store for online ordering.

“We met Autosports Media Group through Garett Grist who is sponsored by them. After a couple of conversations it was really seamless,” continues Clubine on the eve of the site launch. “They did an amazing job for us. Their team really took over, showing us some designs, building out the content and getting it done. We are really happy with the result.”

Be sure to check out the latest news and information on the Canadian racing scene by visiting www.britainwestmotorsport.com.

A fixture in the Canadian motor sports scene for nearly two decades, Britain West is the exclusive Van Diemen Chassis and Dunlop Tire importer for Canada. They also represent AimSport Mychron Data Systems, Penske Shocks and HANS Device. Britain West are also known as the leading engine builder for the popular Formula Ford power plant making use of an in-house machine shop, tooling and test dyno. All the staff at Britain West has an eye for detail and put customer service first. For more information on Britain West Motorsports and this news release please contact Dave Clubine at dclubine@sentex.net or call 519-756-1610.