This article is translated from Pole Position Canada.

The Circuit Mont-Tremblant hosted last weekend the first of 6 programs of the 2022 season of Formula 1600 Canada. Three races were held as part of the Spring Classic, won by Quebecer Didier Schraenen and then by Ontario’s Connor Clubine.

Didier Schraenen opened the season with a victory, bringing his number of career podiums to no less than 130, including a 32nd victory. “I had set the second fastest time in qualifying and the first race quickly turned into a duel with the young Connor Clubine, from the powerful Ontario team Britain West, and me. It was my first time riding with Connor who just turned 18. On the 4th lap of the track he made a mistake at the entrance to the esses and I was able to race towards victory” explains the driver from Mont-St-Hilaire.

Clubine crossed the finish line 1.769 seconds behind Schraenen while second Britain West driver Callum Baxter finished third, just over 3 seconds behind. Dominic Legrand, Jacob Moreau and Michel Legrand completed the Top 6.

After the first race on Saturday, the second took place on Sunday morning. Didier Schraenen took the lead on the first lap after starting 3rd at the controls of his CMV in the colors of the STCH Group and the Festidrag Development program in collaboration with Prolon Controls. “Connor and I battled through the race. On the last lap he took my draft and passed me with five corners to go. The young Ontario rider then blocked well and beat me by only 17 hundredths of a second at the finish,” explains the four-time series champion.

As in the first race, it was the young driver from the Maritimes Callum Baxter, only 15 years old, who finished 3rd, ahead of Moreau, Dominic and Michel Legrand.

For the third race of the weekend, spectators at Circuit Mont-Tremblant got their money’s worth. The first three indeed fought like mad when never more than two seconds separated them throughout the event. “Even I led the majority of the laps, I got caught again at the end of the right when I was first on the last lap. I was attacked at the same time by Connor and Callum. I was probably too polite or not aggressive enough with Connor who came up to me at the end of the right. We negotiated turns 10 and 11 side by side, then Baxter took advantage of the situation and he and I were side by side in turns 12 and 13,” says Schraenen, who explains: “Clubine won in the end. ahead of Baxter and I found myself 3rd half a second behind the winner. Small consolation; we set the fastest time in the race by more than 3 tenths”.

It was again Jacob Moreau, followed by Dominic and Michel Legrand who completed the Top 6 of this race.

Funny fact, if we add the age of the two young people who accompanied Didier Schraenen on the podium and multiply the result by two, we obtain the age of the veteran driver, ie 66 years old. “It keeps me young this kind of close races. I want to thank the Dynatech team who gave me a great car. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give them 3 wins in 3 starts, it was certainly within our reach but I was too careful, probably thinking about our next meeting in just over two weeks. June 17-18-19 at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve as part of the Grand-Prix du Canada” concludes Didier Schraenen, who also benefits from the support of Groupe Richer, the partner of the landscapers, Les Transports Guy Mahoney, Les trudi Granby, Lettram Design Plus St-Rock, Mecar,, Perry Performance &

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